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Product Catalog

All Hearing Health audiocoil (telecoil) products previously available from Tibbetts Industries and R. Audemars are now available exclusively through Global Coils.


With long-time experience in the RFID (radio frequency identification) industry, the designers at Global Coils are uniquely qualified to develop custom RF coils to support your cutting edge wireless applications.


Global Coils leads the industry with a growing line of surface mount coils in a variety of styles. Fully-encapsulated or PCB mounted, tape-and-reel packaging, designed for automated assembly.


Amplified audiocoils combine a magnetic-field sensing coil with an integral low-power preamplifier. This design produces Unit Sensitivity 20-25 dB greater than comparable passive audiocoils.


Global Coils offers a variety of passive coils with leads as Standard Catalog items and Special Order items. And, we specialize in custom product development to meet your most demanding audiocoil applications.


Global Coils SAGL - 6 August 2012